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Herbal PRoducts

Steams, Soaks & Scrubs

From the Native Americans to the ancient Egyptians, herbal steam has been used for more than just traditional spiritual cleansing. With herbal steam, ancient Egyptians were able to extract the plant’s healing essential oils. During times of disease, herbal steam were used in conjunction with other herbal blends such as elixirs and salves to help relieve pain and congestion, loosen muscles and mucus, and soothe the mind, body and soul.

Tinctures & Teas

Concentrated mixtures of liquid herbs. Botanical medicines, or herbs, can be used to treat a whole variety of conditions- from sleep, hormones, digestion, mood to allergies and many more. Herbs can either be taken by themselves or mixed with additional herbs to form blends that may work synergistically or have different actions that compliment each other.

Oils and Perfumes

The Ancient Egyptians loved beautiful fragrances. They associated them with the gods and recognized their positive effects on health and well being. The god of perfume, Nefertum, was also a god of healing who was said to have eased the suffering of the Sun god Ra with sacred Egyptian Blue lotus. He could be described as the world’s first aromatherapist!


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mother loved both (luxury edition) perfume bottles. She even took the one for my godmother😅😅. She loved the smell of both them.


The respiratory steam was a major key to creating a better healthier life. I suffered from allergy-induced asthma and would often have to use my asthma pump but since steaming once a week I've not only stopped having breathing problems but also can breathe through my nose the first time in a while. Definitely would recommend it to any and everyone!

Gregory G.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Sea Moss but, the Coconut Key Lime is actually really good.

Adero C.

The thing I’m most hype about is the drip!! I’ve always been wet, but lately I haven’t been slippery but more sticky. (and it’s been taking a lot to “get me wet”). This weekend I discovered something amazing....ya girl is a squirter!! (I will continue to use for this lmao).

I am not due for a period for a while, but I do plan on using the Kramp Killa one next. Overall I’m super satisfied with my results and plan on trying them all.

Rachelle L.

Every girl needs this steam it smells great and it soothes your whole vagina so peacefully. After the second day of my cycle I get really bad cramps and sometimes it feels like there’s a ton of weight on my uterus slowing me down. But since my steam in January I've been steaming once a week faithfully and I haven’t felt any bad cramping during my cycles. I also feel lighter and more refreshed.

I say at least give it a try it’s definitely a premium product.

Deltoria A.